Hi and welcome to our clan, Buyers United Strongly. As you may know our clan is only open to buyers.
In BUS clan we must obey every rules the leader and the co-leader says. In the other hand, you can get kicked our for any misobeying to the leaders.
Also, we do cool stuff. That includes clan war, combo and heaps more.
We, BUS clan, hopes for your luck to achieve in this clan.
Read our requirements below:
1) You need to be at least level 20 or higher.
2) You need to have arts.
3) You need to at least have a gun 450 damage or higher.
4) You need to have a rocket and a gun.
5) You need to have a good profile.
Thank you:
Trollerlolz (Leader) and Xdeath1 (Co-Leader)

Contact Trollerlolz: busclantrollerlolz@yahoo.com
Contact Xdeath1: busclanxdeath1@y7mail.com


ExileDemon1111 Now i am a official member ;D